Pathfinder Bible Experience

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Mid-America Union - Feb. 19, 2022
In-Person Virtual (hybrid) Pathfinder Bible Experience

We will be providing an in-person experience using the Virtual programs and services such as Neadpod and Excel Spreadsheets

Current Lincoln, NE COVID Protocols:
In , all individuals are to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose while indoors.

PBE Team Registration:

Register Your PBE Team

Judge Registration:

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Statement of Integrity:

Download the Statement of Integrity

Media Release Form:

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Purchase Meal Tickets:

For convenience, Noon meals will be available for purchase.  We are offering Regular, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Vegan-Gluten Free options.

$7.15 Per Meal

Meal Tickets -
Order Online - Pay Online

Each meal ticket includes:
• Lasagna
• Green Beans
• Garlic Bread
• Salad
• Desert
• Drink

Noon Meal service starts at 12:00 PM, February 17, 2022 in the Heartland Hall:

College View Church
4801 Prescott Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68506

Official Final Schedule:

You will be emailed a final schedule Friday, February 18, 2022


2:00-4:00 pm Registration Packet Pickup at the College View Church in the Main Lobby


12:10 pm Registration Packet Pickup at the College View Church in Heartland Hall

12:00 pm Lunch in Heartland Hall

Sabbath PBE:


1:15  Onsite Monitors &  Judges Meeting
          (Front of  Sanctuary)

1:30  Virtual Teams set up and be ready to connect by 

  • Monitors text Tech Team to indicate you are ready

  • Receive Nearpod Code and Student Name Code by text

  • Monitors Open your team’s Google Sheet

1:40  Virtual Scribes connect to Nearpod

  • Monitors will provide Nearpod Student Code and
    Name Code

1:45  Virtual PBE Teams connect Main Webinar

1:45  All PBE Participants seated and ready

2:00  Announcements, Rules, & Prayer - PBE!



  • February 19, 2022


  • College View Seventh-day Adventist Church
    4801 Prescott Ave.
    Lincoln, NE 68506

PBE Bible Resources:

PBE How-to-Guide:

PBE How-to Guide (PDF)

PBE 2022 Study Books

The study books for 2022 are the following: 1 Kings; Ruth. The following is the roster of Study Books for 2021/2022:English (PDFs) - 2022 PBE Helps

Future PBE Study Books

2023 - John
2024 - Joshua & Judges
2025 - Romans and 1 & 2 Corinthians
2026 - Isaiah (ch 1 - 46)
2027 - Isaiah (ch 47 - 66) & Mark