Kindred Spirit Pathfinder Camporee

Mid-America Union
July 26-29, 2017  |  Custer, SD
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Field Trips: All Pathfinders must be accompanied by an adult from their club during each tour. Your club will be able to select only one field trip option for your pathfinder club. Field Trip selections will be closed when filled to capacity.

Thursday Field Trip 1 Wind Cave National Park/Custer State Park
Two Buses 80 Pathfinder Limit - Wind Cave/Custer State Park
Two Buses 80 Pathfinder Limit - Custer State Park/Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park is one of the most complex and the sixth longest cave in the world. Wind Cave, a dry cave, has a unique formation called boxwork and are rare and only found in a few other caves. This tour requires using many stairs.  Fulfill some of your Caving Honor and Bat Honor requirements.  Ride the bus through the Wildlife Loop at Custer State park and see the large herd of Buffalo that roam the park. You’ll also see pronghorn deer, Prairie Dogs, Coyotes, Elk, and many more animals. You’ll spend some time at the new Visitor Center learning more about the Buffalo and Custer State Park. Please pack a lunch.

Thursday Field Trip 2 Reptile Gardens/Bear Country USA Rapid City, SD
Four Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus - Reptile Gardens/Bear Country USA
Four Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus - Bear Country USA/Reptile Gardens 

Ride your bus through Bear Country USA in Rapid City and see all the amazing animals: elk, badger,bighorn sheep, bison, black bear, bob cat, Canadian Lynx, arctic wolves, coyote, raccoon, red fox, grizzly bear, reindeer, river otter, Rocky Mountain Goat, timber wolf and many more. At the end of the tour, you will pet bear cubs. Then get back in your bus and make the short drive to Reptile Gardens and stroll through a garden oasis of colorful blooms, lush vegetation, and well-manicured lawns. You may even get the rare opportunity to have an up-close personal animal encounter with the giant albino python Marilyn, our baby gator Fluffy or any of the other photogenic creatures. Fulfill some of your Mammal and Reptile Honor requirements. Please pack a lunch.

Thursday Field Trip 3 South Dakota School of Mines & Technology/Museum of Geology & Paleontology Rapid City, SD
Three Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus 

Geology is a fascinating and broad science the incorporates many other sciences! At the Museum of Geology you will find many compelling exhibits focusing on:
Paleontology - the study of ancient life 
Mineralogy - the study of minerals, including gems, crystals and the rocks they form

You will see:
Fascinating mounted skeletons of dinosaurs, mammals, marine reptiles and fish
reptiles and fish.  Rare fossils from the White River Badlands arranged in time-specific dioramas 
Mineral displays including the Hall of South Dakota Minerals, meteorites and a fluorescent mineral room that is sure to captivate 
Engaging displays
You will take a tour of the Fossil Vault where thousands of fossils are kept and hear the stories of how they were discovered
You will tour the Paleo Lab and see in real-life fossil's being cleaned and identified.

Fulfill most of the Geology, Advances Geology, and Rocks & Minerals Honors. Please pack a lunch.

Thursday Field Trip 4 Mammoth Site Hot Springs Hot Springs, SD
Two Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus 

Imagine a sudden collapse of a 60-foot-deep karst sinkhole. Bubbling from the bottom, a warm spring percolates through the layers of limestone, now creating a large steep-sided pond. Picture thirsty animals venturing down to the water below. Then, after drinking, the animals unable to gain a foothold to escape.The sinkhole was a deathtrap.

The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota, is the world's largest mammoth research facility. You can tour an active paleontological dig site and view fossils exhibited as they are found. Open year round, the Mammoth offers the museum visitor a 30-minute tour plus a 10-minute video. Tour information features the study of fossils. Fulfill some of your Geology and Fossil Honor requirements. Please pack a lunch. 

Thursday Field Trip 5 Crazy Horse Monument & Museum
Bus Shuttle 176 Pathfinder Limit

The museum features American Indian art and artifacts from tribes across North America and offers the opportunity for guests to be hands-on with "make & take" activities. In the summer guests enjoy visiting with Native American Artisans, watching American Indian dancers perform. 

Theater film features the history of the active dynamiting of Crazy Horse Monument towering before you being carved out of solid rock. Take time to make Native American arts and crafts. Learn like a real Native American about the sacredness of the land and grasses. Experience the nobility and pride of those who lived here first. Fulfill some of your Native American Lore Honor requirements. Please pack a lunch.

Thursday Field Trip 6 Pioneering Honor/Flag Mountain Camp
Three Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus 

Take a trip to our own wonderful Flag Mountain Camp, owned and operated by the Dakota Conference. Make your own crafts and pioneer toys as you take the "Time Machine" back to the simpler life. Flag Mountain Creek is waiting for you to wade in its cool waters as you refresh your tired feet. Milk your own "cow." Make a bridge. How about that butter you'll make yourself out of your own jar of cream.  Chop some wood and learn how log cabins were made! You will enjoy all of this and much more. See your fun from 100 years ago in the old west. "Come on partner! Hitch up your wagon and let's go!" Fulfill most of your Pioneering Honor requirements. Please pack a lunch.

Thursday Field Trip 7:

Gold Prospector - Big Thunder Gold Mine/Mt Rushmore Ranger Achievement (Two buses 44 Pathfinders)

Mt. Rushmore Ranger Achievement/Gold Prospector - Big Thunder Gold Mine (Two buses 44 Pathfinders)

Gold Prospector/Big Thunder Gold Mine Keystone, SD
Put on your hard hat, because you will tour a real hard rock mine in the side of a mountain and learn first-hand about mining equipment and how the rock was crushed and the gold was separated out. Experience panning for gold just like in the gold rush days! Guides from the Big Thunder Gold Mine will help you hone your skills and teach you techniques as you pan for gold. "Yessssiree! Thar's gold in them thar' hills!" Fulfill some of the new Gold Prospector Honor requirements.

Mt. Rushmore Ranger Achievement & Mt. Rushmore
At Mt. Rushmore you will be able to earn the Junior Ranger (5-12) or the Rushmore Ranger (13+) certificates and receive a free patch for completing the booklets. 

While you are at Mt. Rushmore, you can take one of the many hikes at the Park, look for the white Rocky Mountain Goats, and check out the Visitor Center to learn more about the park, watch a film, look at the museum exhibits and visit the bookstore.

Thursday Field Trip 8 Sylvan Lake/Harney Peak
Two Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus

At an elevation of 7,242 feet, Harney Peak, the highest point in the Black Hills and is about 2,400 feet higher than any "mountain" in the Alleghenies and about 550 feet higher than any "mountain" in the Appalachians. In fact, if you were traveling east from Harney Peak and looking for a higher point, you wouldn't find one until you got to the French Pyrenees. The good news for hikers is that, despite its soaring height, a series of trails makes Harney Peak's summit accessible. The trail beings in the Sylvan Lake Day Use Area. Fulfill some of your Hiking Honor requirements. Please pack a lunch and bring plenty of water.

Thursday Field Trip 9 Lead Mining & Science Experience Lead, SD
Three Buses 44 Pathfinders per bus 

You will visit the Sanford Lab Homestake exhibit hall, where you will find exciting information about Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab), the city of Lead, and the history of Homestake. Exhibits include historic photographs, videos, science and mining artifacts, and a 3-D model of the underground from the surface down to the 8,000-foot level! From the deck, view the 1,000-foot-deep Open Cut, an iconic landmark in the Black Hills, and see the many varieties of rock that created this unique landscape.

You will learn about Physics as you earn the Physics Honor and learn more about the solar neutrino experiment on the 4850 Level of Homestake Mine taking place below your feet!

Next, you will visit the Black Hills Mining Museum. The museum's experienced, knowledgeable, and fun tour guides will escort you on a fascinating and informative tour of our simulated underground gold mine - the only comprehensive look at both early-day and modern underground mining that can be found in the Black Hills. This realistic exhibit was created by more than 140 Homestake miners and former mine employees some 30 years ago to tell the story of the Western Hemisphere's deepest gold mine. Please pack a lunch.